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A scene from Denis Villeneuve's "Dune Part 2".

The **** Must Flow: “Dune Part 2” and the Cult of Frank Herbert

Nothing screams dilettante more than Dune. A mere mention of Frank Herbert’s amateurism is enough to kill any conversation stone dead and infuriate the faithful. What follows is the usual pleading, the usual literary red-herrings about style, intention, politics and, last of all, art. Despite their protestations, people who like Dune don’t actually give a damn about art and what’s more, they resent those of us who do. So let’s repay them the favour.

If you don’t like Frank Herbert then you’re an elitist snob or some sort of fruit (by implication). That’s the thing now: egalitarian tastelessness. Why should you care about Dune? Because other people do—apparently, and often with a kind of religious zealotry reserved for the likes of Ayn Rand. Hell, even at her most table-thumping, Rand is a better prose stylist than Herbert the Hump.

I don’t care to get into the nitty-gritty of Dune and its lore. L. Ron Hubbard at least had a kind of Penthouse hilarity to his fiction. Comparatively, Dune suffers by dint of its own self-serious pretention. Ridiculous non-characters. Condescendingly naked historical allegory. Bullshit fake-orientalism. Someone obviously read Joseph Campbell and snorted a lot of coke. […]