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A stylized shot of the protagonist watching a lightning storm in David Lynch "The Straight Story".

Beauty in the Ordinary: David Lynch’s “The Straight Story” (1999)

Have you ever watched a film that made you wonder where it has been all these years? Alright, perhaps I do recall when this came and went in the theatres—I think the poster looks familiar, but admittedly, this isn’t the sort of film I would have gone to see at the time of its release. Furthermore, this has to be the most un-David Lynch film of David Lynch films, and yet the narrative is so simple and the character development is so good that I am left scratching my head. Sure, David Lynch is a director with talent enough to at least acquire obsessive fans—and I have seen several of his films, including Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and others. It’s not so much that any of his films are bad per se, just dull.

Granted, Lynch’s narratives tend to veer on ‘weirdness’ and ‘random shit’ happening just so someone can say how much ‘weirdness’ and ‘random shit’ happens, all the while neglecting to mention the lack in character development and arid dialogue. Honestly, I can’t say I have ever connected with any of Lynch’s characters, and I remain adamant when I say that having weird shit happen for the sake of weird shit happening offers an easy way to distract from shallow character development much in the same way that forced politics in bad art attempts to distract from clichés. But I digress. […]